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Our mission is to deliver a competitive advantage with cutting-edge technology crafted for specific industries and markets. With our white-label platform and partner ecosystem, we provide end-to-end solutions for banks, fintechs and payment companies. The company seems to be located in Russia, has over 90 employees and also provides different software solutions related to trading platforms. Speqto technology follows consistent and strict rigorous testing with an expert team of specialists in each domain.

  • Security is of major importance and also needs the right expertise to maintain.
  • BitGo provides institutional investors with custody, liquidity, and security solutions.
  • All you have to do is install, configure, and deploy the exchange in your platform.
  • Integrate our APIs, issue payment cards, and allow customers to transfer funds as they want.
  • OpenLedger’s white-label cryptocurrency exchange solution—namely, White Label DEX—is a customizable, decentralized, and peer-to-peer trading platform.

Research and select a reputable white-label exchange software provider that offers a feature-rich, customizable, and secure platform. A White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange can be built in a wallet-friendly manner. Furthermore, the cost of development may vary depending on the type of exchange you want to build, i.e., whether you need centralized, decentralized, or hybrid exchange. To determine the best white-label cryptocurrency exchange offering, you can and must consider some crucial parameters. In this regard, compliance markers such as KYC, AML, and CTF legislation remain foremost.

Security is the most important concept in crypto trading and our exchange was designed with sophisticated safety measures as almost all tokens and coins are held in cold storage. Cold wallets are highly secure hardware wallets that are not connected to the internet. Programmed algorithms regularly transfer client funds into cold storages thus providing the necessary level of safety. According to ABI Research, crypto-friendly technology will overstep $10 billion in revenue by 2023. Get in touch with us to uncover endless possibilities for your business with our white label platform for digital assets. Launch your own crypto swap platform with our white label solution- SwapNow.

Which Crypto Exchanges have the Lowest Fees?

BitGo’s customer base includes the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and institutional investors and spans more than 50 countries. Investors can benefit from cryptocurrencies by using white label solutions to offer crypto products to their clients. This allows investors to enter the cryptocurrency market without having to develop their own technology or infrastructure. Instead, they can use existing platforms and software to offer their clients a wide range of crypto products and services, such as trading platforms, wallets, and payment processors.

whitelabel crypto solutions and platforms

Users can buy and sell digital assets and cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency trading platforms. You can become a successful capitalist by creating your own bitcoin exchange. Zab Technologies, the Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company, provides high-quality crypto exchange software that will help you create your ideal exchange platform. Our highly-skilled experts are responsible for creating a customized trading software that allows for secure and fast transactions.

Here is a list of The Top 3 White Label Crypto Exchange Solution Providers:

It can connect to a coin payment merchant account or a personally hosted node. It supports all cryptocurrency wallets, including Coin Payment, Buys and Selling, white label crypto wallet Stop Limits, Deposit, Withdrawal and Referral System. You can place buy or sell orders based on your preference of coin prices in the trading system.

whitelabel crypto solutions and platforms

This exchange platform provides real-time details of the sender, timestamp, amount, and transaction id in the send/receive tab. You’re one click away from viewing all the details related to your crypto exchange. Like the running exchanges, and the transactions in BTC for the past week, month, and quarter, all in one place. It is developed by HashCash Consultants and comes with multi-currency support as well. Tradexpro Exchange is a complete Crypto exchange platform that is developed with Laravel, MySql, and Nextjs.

An Insight into Our White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Solution

It’s easy to launch a white label exchange software with a customizable front-end and ready-to-deploy backend, and can be done in a time-effective and inexpensive manner. It has become convenient to make transactions using cryptocurrencies like Etherum, Litecoin, etc. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges that allow people to trade in these currencies. These exchanges require cryptocurrency wallet services for the proper growth and development of their platforms. Therefore, there is immense scope for blockchain-based crypto wallet application providers. Cryptocurrency Trading Platform is a payment gateway source that has been assigned by the third party.

whitelabel crypto solutions and platforms

OpenLedger’s customer support is available 24×7, assisting promptly with technical consultation, maintenance, periodic updates, as well as related customizations and extension support. Yes, our consulting services can help you choose a jurisdiction and advise you on how to get a license after you have acquired our services. Find out more about what each sоlution offers and what is the best chоice for you. Convert an upset trader who was unable to make any profit by active trading into a happy investor. The Exchange should promote the opportunity to become an investor via blogs, youtube videos and email to those clients who are willing to earn by long-term movements.

Centralized exchanges allow you to buy cryptocurrency with cash and trade cryptocurrency assets between different blockchains. For this reason, centralized exchanges must be built in specific ways to allow you to do all that. Our white label exchange has an in-built multi-cryptocurrency wallet made secured by ecliptic curve and multi-signature technology to facilitate seamless and protected storage of digital assets. Multiple payment gateways widen the customer base and enhance customers’ trust in crypto exchanges. We scale up customer convenience by integrating multiple payment modes in trading platforms. With its extensive capabilities, it provides an ideal transaction mode and profitable investment option.

What is White Label Crypto Exchange Software in the UK?

Digital currencies currently play a vital role in the financial industries. The number of cryptocurrency users is increasing day by day on cryptocurrency exchange platforms. So many business people, startup owners, and entrepreneurs are willing to start their own cryptocurrency exchange.

whitelabel crypto solutions and platforms

Furthermore, these solutions are usually thoroughly tested and made available for instant deployment. Configurable workflows, payments and risk-management algorithms for borrowers and lenders. When it comes to white label crypto wallet applications, there are many fintech companies like CoinSwitch Kuber, Coinpayments, Coinkite, Blockchain Global. Coinomi is one of the best cryptocurrency FinTech companies in the world right now. It provides cryptocurrency wallets for different exchanges and blockchain companies throughout the world. The cryptocurrency market is growing by leaps and bounds these days; cryptocurrencies are the latest trend in the world of finance.

Offer him a free giveaway after registration such as a trading course, welcome bonus or a guide about the main features of the exchange. Financial matters relating to all parts of your company are of utmost importance and will raise a number of questions as to how they will be handled. Whether its related to payments and budgeting or tax issues and company revenues, there are a variety of points that need to be addressed. Our servers are protected by a high-grade cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution. This prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping websites, applications and APIs highly available and performant. Monitoring of any changes in crucial data (i.e. a file with a password hash) takes place in real time with notifications over two different communications channels.

What are the benefits of having an exchange software platform?

For example, while a cryptocurrency exchange may cost up to $100,000 to build from scratch, a white label crypto exchange can be purchased for $10,000 to $30,000. Based in Belarus company provides a cryptocurrency trading platform that’s in their words offers a unique opportunity to start a powerful cryptocurrency trading platform. We know that the platform uses software of BitShares DEX, design can be customized and over 50+ cryptocurrency gateways are supported. In their proposal, no mobile apps were mentioned so I think the solution doesn’t provide mobile apps. White label crypto exchanges are perfectly suited for those who want desired results in a short span of time, as building a website from scratch could grab your market opportunities during building time. Cryptocurrency development is a complex, time-consuming process and to do development you need to hire cryptocurrency developer.

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You can either build your cryptocurrency exchange from the ground up or use a turnkey solution such as a white label crypto exchange or cryptocurrency exchange script. With the help of a reliable cryptocurrency exchange development company, you can build and launch your crypto exchange software. Spruce up your crypto exchange development campaign with the best-in-class white label cryptocurrency exchange script that’s 100% customizable, secure, and scalable. Antier can hand over a white label crypto exchange software within a predefined deadline & budget and guaranteed satisfaction of including desirable features. Exchange Software Full-stack software for digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange operators.

We offer Blockchain consulting, development of enterprise applications, investment in startups, building developer tools, and education. Our mobile app developers create innovative solutions tailored to your needs. SoluLab’s expertise in mobile user-centric experiences is invaluable so that you can gain maximum business traction. Each client requires a unique approach to custom software development. SoluLab believes in analyzing every possibility and finding the best way to offer our clients world-class custom software.

This platform will provide better transparency and allow for faster exchange. Although cryptocurrencies are the most popular application of blockchain technology, the technology goes far beyond cryptocurrency and bitcoin. In addition to cryptocurrencies, there are NFT marketplaces, music royalties tracking, crypto exchanges, cross-border payments, voting mechanisms, that can all be built on a blockchain. The crypto exchange platform offers an end-to-end solution for crypto, backed by the most flexible, agile and advanced technology yet seen in this market. The capital market grade matching engine technology combined with the banking core platform created a solution that suits mature markets that want to scale fast on state-of-the-art technology at a low cost.

Create a digital bank in a matter of days

We have an expert team of blockchain developers who command years of experience with advanced cutting-edge blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are the new advent in the digital currency world booming swiftly at rapid speed. Crypto exchange development encompasses a wide range of tasks, such as the development, deployment, and maintenance of an exchange software product.

Before we talk a bit more about setting up your exchange, let’s look at what a cryptocurrency exchange is in detail to learn more. Antier offers signature cryptocurrency exchange development services as well as highly scalable, ready-made crypto exchange development solutions. Count on them for building high-end crypto trading platforms with industry-leading features, self-explanatory interface, and institutional-grade security protocols.