Proforma, Pro forma, or Pro-forma? Helpful Examples

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The preparation of accounting equation statements in various economic environments is useful for management to examine the consequences of rises in expenses or economic downturns. With the best guesses of future results, managers can prepare budgets for all departments to deal with the expected conditions. Additional background skills and experience include investment banking, financial analysis, and commercial litigation.

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From these assumptions, we have found the interest expenses for the income statement. Organize the development’s projected operating revenue and operating expenses to determine if the development generates positive cash flow. A pro-forma invoice provides the buyer with an opportunity to negotiate on the terms of delivery.

For example, create a pro forma balance sheet for 12 months in the future and populate the fields with projected asset values, liabilities, and equity in a year. In this article, we will show you how to create pro forma financial statements in Excel. We will project three years of financial statements for a startup business company. A company’s balance sheet shows a company’s financial position and it’s made up of assets, liabilities and equity.

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For example, they may assume a company plans to build a new facility to produce more goods for customers. A pro forma financial statement is a projection showing numbers that do not reflect the actual results from a company’s history. Most pro forma invoices provide the buyer with a precise sale price. It includes an estimate of any commissions or fees, such as applicable taxes or shipping costs. Although the pro forma invoice may be subject to change, it represents a good faith estimate to avoid exposing the buyer to any unexpected and significant charges once the transaction is final.

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So on these technical posts / Excel-based articles, we can only answer questions related to the actual content here. At a high-level, though, single-family home development tends to be structured differently, often more based on development and pre-sale “phases,” with less detail on each individual unit in the lot. So you will tend to see more complicated funding structures and timelines, with equity and debt draws occurring at different times. Yes, we’ve released real estate case studies in the past, but the ones coming up are newer, better, and more representative of real-life exercises.

Linking the Three Pro Forma Financial Statements

The final invoice amount will be the same or close to the amount on the pro forma invoice. Wil Schroter is the Founder + CEO @, a startup platform that includes Bizplan,Clarity, Fundable, Launchrock, and Zirtual. He started his first company at age 19 which grew to over $700 million in billings within 5 years . After that he launched 8 more companies, the last 3 venture backed, to refine his learning of what not to do.

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We’ll walk through each of them — category by category — to make it easy to understand. At first pass, this may look like a lot to digest, but remember, it’s just the same category of numbers repeated 12 times for each month. At we run an 8-figure, 200-person business and it’s all done on a Google Sheet — it’s worked wonderfully for over a decade and we’ve never had to make a change. As the business grows we can get into more complex models, but for now, we’re just going to keep it super simple and get on with our lives. It is a Latin phrase that follows the original spelling (similar to phrases like “et cetera”). You should stick to the traditional spelling using two words for this reason.

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A pro forma invoice is generally raised when the seller is ready for dispatching the material but they want to ensure that the payment is being sent before dispatch. And similarly, the customer also wants to know which components are included in the pro forma invoice to avoid disagreements later. A historical balance sheet is a list of things that have already happened. Pro forma balance sheets are forward-looking, frequently looking out five years. They can be helpful tools for business owners, investors, creditors, or decision-makers to analyze various scenarios of future events based on certain financial assumptions.

  • In case it gets deleted, you always have the original to back you up.
  • If a company has a one-time expense, it may drastically reduce its net income in that particular year.
  • It takes into account past expenses and revenues and factors in the costs of the company’s plans for the fiscal year.
  • The use of a pro forma template depends upon the type you are using.

Some people might use “proforma” or “pro-forma” informally, but this isn’t correct if you’re following standard rules. Using the wrong information in a pro forma could lead to overpaying for a property that underperforms, or missing out on a great opportunity to purchase a rental property. Buyers and sellers use a pro forma to create different “what if” scenarios. In law, pro forma court rulings are intended merely to facilitate the legal process . When it comes to making business decisions, so much relies on numbers. To get sign-off from key stakeholders, win investors, and strategically plan, you need to demonstrate that your ideas make financial sense.

Why an Accurate Pro Forma is Important

Pro forma statements don’t need to meet the strictest accounting standards, but must be clearly marked as “pro forma” and can’t be used for things like filing taxes. Using pro forma statements that aren’t marked as such to misrepresent your business to investors, the IRS, or financial institutions can be penalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission). When it comes to accounting, pro forma statements are financial reports for your business based on hypothetical scenarios.

  • GIGO is an acronym for “garbage in, garbage out.” In computer science, GIGO refers to the fact that if input data is flawed, the output will be complete nonsense or garbage.
  • So while pro formas are fantastic for looking at events from different angles, never take them as gospel, only well-informed conjecture.
  • While GAAP standards set guidelines on reporting information accurately and transparently, sometimes it’s useful to include or exclude information.
  • The critical difference is that pro forma statements are based on “what-if” scenarios, not actual financial results.
  • Projections about the future are not required to follow the strictest accounting standards, but companies must avoid committing fraud when creating pro formas.

Finally, in each page of the pro forma information, there must be a reference to the compilation report. If you don’t know how each of the companies defines its pro forma figures, you may be comparing apples to oranges. Pro forma financials in the United States boomed in the late 1990s when dot-com companies used the method to make losses appear like profits or, at a minimum, to reveal much greater gains than indicated through U.S. On the other hand, if net cash flow is positive, you can plan on having enough extra cash on hand to pay off loans, or save for a big investment. Pro forma is actually a Latin term meaning “for form” (or today we might say “for the sake of form, as a matter of form”).

For cases in which your is specifically seeking funding, you want to show your potential investors how the company’s financial results will change with their investment. There may be several sets of these pro forma documents, each based on different potential investment amounts, or just one based on what you think you need. For this projection, you need to determine where in your company the investments would be parlayed.

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Robert Kelly is managing director of XTS Energy LLC, and has more than three decades of experience as a business executive. He is a professor of economics and has raised more than $4.5 billion in investment capital. This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, or other professional advice.

Pro forma earnings per share are calculated by dividing a firm’s net income by its weighted shares outstanding, plus any new shares issued due to an acquisition. This metric determines the financial outcomes of any acquisition or merger and tells the parent company whether the transaction will be accretive or dilutive to the financial state of the company. Pro forma EPS are calculated in the pro forma income statement, but the figure is also used in the pro forma balance sheet and the pro forma cash flow statement, when necessary. According to the SEC, when the dividends from stock exceed or are planned to exceed the current earnings, the EPS must be calculated.

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While that description is accurate, it’s more useful to think of the pro-forma as a combined and simplified Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement – for a property rather than a company. Notice there is a field “balance verification” that we will use to check if the balance sheet balances. I do not know whether it will be an inquiry pro forma, or whether it will give the fullest opportunity for investigation. This is a pro forma letter that has been sent out by activists who are trying to undermine a very valuable service. No standard pro forma letter requesting further information and documentation in such cases is in use in the passport offices.

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They include an estimate of any commissions or fees, such as applicable taxes or shipping costs. Therefore instead of working from real-world data to build our income statements, startups have to use a handful of assumptions about these values to create a solid financial projection. A pro forma in real estate is used by investors to calculate what the net operating income and cash flow from a property should be and could be. GIGO is an acronym for “garbage in, garbage out.” In computer science, GIGO refers to the fact that if input data is flawed, the output will be complete nonsense or garbage.